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This week’s edition of Twitter #followfriday recommendations includes some great men who provide helpful links, engage with their followers, and are genuinely awesome, as well as awesomely genuine:

christopherscot Christopher Scott (@christopherscot): Not only a great web designer, but also friendly and helpful. He’s a self-professed hipster technocrat and Apple fanboy, as well as animal lover, husband, and home owner. (Check out his site.)
Peter Kobel (@TheEcoist): Peter sends out many helpful green links, his Twitstream is full of interesting articles, blogs, features, and talking points. If you’re into greening the environment, you should also check out his webpage and blog at www.peterkobel.com.
Brian Cray (@briancray): Brian is has a wide variety of interests and skills, which include just about anything and everything to do with the internet and posts really great resources on all of them. If you want to know more about web development or social media, he’s your man.

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