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Today is the second day in a row that we have had beautiful weather in the Washington, DC area. It’s cool, but sunny and not yet humid (in the summer, DC often feels like a sauna outside due to the fact that it was built up over a swamp). The cherry blossoms are just past peak and the green is starting to show. The return of sunshine and green and flowers to this area always makes me want to take a blanket, a book, and plop down on the Mall for an entire day of reading, people-watching, and lazing about.

In addition to the celebration of Spring in general, one thing about this kind of weather is that it genuinely motivates me to get out and take photographs, write, and work on other creative projects. I often draw inspiration from nature and the outdoors and most often feel in tune with myself and my own creative intuition when I am close to the ocean. With so many activities and events to look forward to this summer in the Washington, DC area, I’m itching to get out and take photographs and write about it all.

It seems in this great city that there are always things to be inspired by. At the moment, I’m working on two fabulous projects for friends. One is a website for a local theatre company, a non-profit that my roommate and a couple of her friends just started; the other, a logo, and eventually also a website, for a colleague and make-up artist.  With source material from both and all the inspiration I need right outside my door, I am anxious to get both of these projects off the ground.

The architecture in DC is bathed in sunlight, the green is sprouting up everywhere, and even the birds have started chirping just a little bit louder. Is there really anything more I could ask for?


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